Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Installing Windows 8 x64 Release Preview on an ESXI VM

I simply thought that it would be a case of installing Windows 8 release preview and I would be able to have a tinker. Unfortunately not.

Firstly make sure you are on ESXi 5.0 update1. Create a virtual machine and set the OS to "Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)". At the end of creating the VM, us the check box"open setting dialog"

In the VM's settings:
  • Change the video card to Auto detect settings and check the "Enable 3D support"
  • go to the Options->Boot Options and change the firmware to EFI
Now proceed with the installation of Windows 8 Release Preview and all should work.

I didn't modify the settings on the VM the first time I tried to install Windows 8 and ended up having to reinstall after making the above changes.

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