Friday 13 July 2012

"Remote Downlevel Document" instead of jobname in Samba

To save the planet I implemented a print to PDF server for our Quality Assurance department at work. It consists an installation of Samba and a hand full of custom scripts.

I recently upgraded this server and added it to our domain (up until now there were no sensitive documents being processed but as we planned on adding these it became necessary to restrict access to some shares).

I have just spent far too much time trying to work out why windows was not passing the document name from the printing application correctly. It seems that the "jobname" parameter being passed from Samba to my script was always "Remote Downlevel Document" when previously it was something more helpful like the title of a document.

The offending line in the configuration was:

disable spoolss = yes

Once this was removed everything started working as before.

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